Individual Tax Returns

Stimulate Accounting, Individual Tax Returns
No one likes paying tax –
we get it!

We can help legally minimise your tax each year by making sure you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to. We can also prepare rental schedules, tax variations, tax projections and look at more complex estate issues.

We always encourage our clients to talk to us in before making big decisions, particularly in relation to rental properties. Something seemingly innocuous, like selling a rental property the year before you retire, can result in tens of thousands of $ in extra tax that may be prevented if you talk to us. We’re not just filling out your paperwork but are working with you to achieve the best financial outcome for you.

We know that everyone’s different, so we’re flexible in the way we communicate. You can provide your tax information in a few different ways:

  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Phone or online appointments
  • Email

Take the stress out of accounts

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